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What people say

"Talented and accommodating florist, they were able to customise to my requests on the flower arrangements and designs. I really appreciate their helpful and prompt replies.

Highly recommend Roselodge Florist and would love to make another purchase from them again. Thank you! "

C. Xinyi - 

"Awesome Snack Bouquet done up by Agnes & Esther! An interesting and practical bouquet for my one year wedding anniversary!! Most importantly, my wife loves it so much!

Thank you again Agnes & Esther! Really appreciate it~"

L. Chung Heng 

"Working with Esther was an absolute joy! She was accommodating and happy to answer to all my queries and we managed to work together to produce a beautiful bouquet!!!

Thank you so much for making this such a hassle free process :) And the final result was astonishingly exceeding expectations!"

L. Gao Shang