Buying Flowers 101 for Dummies - Helping guys choose the right gift for your partner

Buying Flowers 101 for Dummies - Helping guys choose the right gift for your partner

Guys this little write up is to help a brother out.

I understand the title is insinuating that guys are completely lost when it comes to choosing flowers. Sure, not all guys are clueless and may know exactly what they want.

But can the average guy tell the difference between a tulip and a lily? When the word "Hydrangea" is mentioned, what comes to mind? A mythical creature? A Pokémon? Hahaha...okay back to the point.

I think we can make a sweeping statement and safely agree that most guys would need a little help in this department. 


1. Knowing your partner's style.

Everyone is unique and one style may not fully encapsulate a certain individual. However, here are some styles that your partner may identify with.

  • Bold
  • Vibrant
  • Rustic
  • Dainty Sweet

Once we ascertain the style, we can move on the next tip.

2. Colour Theme

Something perhaps easier to decide offhand would be your partner's favourite colour. We hope you know this part at least by now!

Our florist is able customise a suitable colour theme that she would like.

3. Picking a main flower for the bouquet

Here are some of the common popular flowers in Singapore for gifting your partner. This point may tie back in with knowing her style.

  • Roses (a classic)
  • Tulips
  • Daisies
  • Hydrangeas
  • Sunflowers
  • Baby's Breath

4. Is your partner pennywise?

Does your partner always nag at you for spending too much money? Perhaps getting her a big bouquet may be a dismay instead of a pleasant surprise.

Fret not, we have a wide variety of flowers in different sizes that would not break the bank! Ultimately, I'm sure no girl would complain about receiving flowers, as they are an instant mood lifter.


Once these four points are determined, we can then move on pick something from Roselodge's catalogue! 

As mentioned, we have a wide variety of choices, from bell jars, bloom boxes, quirky bouquets to the classic bouquets one may expect to receive.

For the bold and chic, may we be so bold to recommend The Grand Duchess? With red preserved roses in a sleek black bloom box, you are sure to get the approval of your significant other.

Red Preserved Rose Bloom Box

The Grand Duchess

What are our recommendations for the vibrant and outgoing personality? How about the Bask in Glee and Barrel of Joy Radiance? With the sunflower and the rainbow coloured preserved roses, they definitely scream, "vibrant"!


Sunflower Bouquet Barrel of Joy Radiance

 Bask in Glee                        Barrel of Joy Radiance

Rustic corresponds with images of the countryside or deep earthy tones. For the plain and simple, a rustic theme would be a suitable choice! We recommend the Only for You in Rustic Brown.

Pink Preserved Rose in Rustic Brown Wrapping

Only for You in Rustic Brown

Now for the dainty sweet! Baby's breaths or hydrangeas will be appropriate picks. I think the pictures speak for themselves! The Barrel of Love and Puff It Up V2.0 are what we propose for you.


Hydrangea Bouquet  Puff It Up in Purple

Barrel of Love                        Puff It Up V2.0


Do note that the certain elements can be customisable such as the colour of wrapping, main or filler flowers, or even add ons! Hence, the above suggestions are not hard and fast.

When you consider the 4 helpful (hopefully so) tips above, they will ultimately help you make an informed decision of what may be a suitable bouquet for your girlfriend or wife. Alternatively, you can drop us a line through our live chat or an email to if you have any questions!

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