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Care Tips For Your Flowers

Whether you get fresh, dried or preserved flowers, they will require a little care to extend life span. 

Fresh Flowers

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Fresh flowers can last from 3 up to 5 days, depending on how you handle them.

To maximise its lifespan, remove the wrapping, trim the stems and place it into a vase/jar/container of water. Place them in a cool area of your home or office, away from direct sunlight, and replace the water in the vase daily. 

Just think about how nurseries place their fresh flower supplies in chilled rooms to help preserve their freshness!


Dried Flowers

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Dried flowers can last for many years but might get flaky and lose its colours over time. 

When your dried flowers have lost its vibrancy, you know its time to visit a florist once again!

Drying your flowers may also be a way to repurpose that fresh flower bouquet you received so that it can last longer and be a beautiful decoration in your home.

Drying flowers is relatively simple. Simply remove any leaves, bunch them up together and hang them upside down for 3 weeks or so near bright light.

Not all flowers would be ideal for drying, for example we don't recommend drying Daisies or Eustomas.

Some of the flowers (not limited to this list) that may be more suitable for drying out are Baby's Breath, Roses, Statice or Carnations.

Preserved Flowers

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Preserved flowers have a much longer shelf life, able to last months or even up to a year due to the chemical processing it goes through.

Keep your preserved flowers in a cool dry area away from moisture, as moisture will cause it to grow mouldy.

Preserved flowers may be better left in the wrapping to display, since they can last much longer. However, we'll leave it up to you whether you'd like to rearrange them in a vase or jar.

Roselodge Florist specialises in preserved flower arrangements and bouquets, which are timeless and chic.


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