Valentine's Day Hack

Valentine's Day Hack

Valentine's Day is round the corner, and I'm sure you would know that it is one of florists' biggest peak period. 

Prices for flowers around that period are also jacked up all in the spirit of Capitalism.

Because we are florists who spares a thought for your pockets (as well as our mental and physical well being, due to the mad rush of that period), our Vday Hack #1 is: "Order your flowers in advance".

Doing so will not only allow you not to burn a deeper hole in your pockets for delivery surcharge, it will give us ample time to prepare your orders with greater care, attention and detail. 

You may also purchase the flowers early, keep it at home and present it to your loved one personally for that added touch!

We recommend you to get one of the bouquets from our Everlast Collection. Preserved roses can last months up to a year and it would be ideal for ordering ahead in time!

Furthermore, orders $48 and above are entitled to free delivery outside of the Valentine's Day peak period (13th to 15th February 2022).

As much as you may be tempted to put this off till the last minute, don't sit on it! Order early from our online store today!


— From the only florists that help you save money

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